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Why Do You Need To Work In A Stable Voltage And Dry Weather Of Cut Off Machine?

Why do you need to work in a stable voltage and dry weather of Cut off Machine?
The working range of the Cut off Machine is very wide, and the progress and development of mankind is inseparable from its contribution. It is mainly used for housing construction, bridges, tunnels, power plants, large water conservancy and other projects in the fixed length of the cut. Compared with other cutting equipment, the Cut off Machine has the characteristics of light weight, low energy consumption, reliable operation and high efficiency. Therefore, it has been widely used in mechanical processing and small rolling mills in recent years, and has played an important role in various fields of national economic construction. effect.
The traditional concept of Cut off Machine is by means of the movement of the machine pressure in the knife mold, the material Cut off Machine.
 Modern Cut off Machine has undergone some changes, began to high pressure who sue, ultrasonic and other advanced technology for leather punching technology, but the current society is widely used or mechanical transmission of the majority. Of course, the Cut off Machine part of the high degree of automation are generally equipped with a computer for program control.
Why do you need to work in a stable voltage and dry weather?
In high temperature weather, the impact on the machine is very large, cutting parts of the parts of the degree of wear will be relatively high, the blade life will be reduced accordingly, even more than rated. Especially like Cut off Machines of this type of mechanical equipment, by the impact of high temperature weather will be greater. Coupled with the working environment of the Cut off Machine are generally in the outdoors, the outdoor work environment is also relatively poor, the impact of the Cut off Machine will be relatively greater. In this regard, the Cut off Machine in the design, it will give priority to the internal consideration will be more mechanical, in order to prevent the fault of the multiple, Cut off Machine in the design, the internal structure will be relatively separate but keep in touch, so even if a failure , Maintenance will be relatively easy. High temperature weather, the Cut off Machine is more prone to failure, the temperature is the biggest test of the Cut off Machine. If you find that the Cut off Machine fails, or found that the machine is not working properly, there are abnormal sound or cutter skew, you need to immediately stop working, through safe operation, turn off the power, stop the mechanical operation, the mechanical place in a cool place , After the machine cooling in the maintenance.
Cut the attention of the purchase of the matter
Is the so-called shop around, this is not unreasonable, before the purchase should always run, ask other people to buy the situation, select a few that the credibility of the manufacturers can visit the way after the door, or go to the market Look at their merchandise, it is best to do the record. Selling good is not necessarily good quality, we must choose their own products. And then contact the manufacturers to see the goods to see if it is consistent with the equipment on the market. Here to note that those who "hit a gun for a place" of the manufacturers, these manufacturers are not large scale, we must see the process of careful, careful, think twice, to buy the favorite products. Good quality products, play a role in the work is still very large, on the one hand the quality of the product to meet the requirements, the production efficiency has been greatly improved; the other hand, the security of the operators have great protection, engineering is important, Security or in the first place.
Then increase the life of the first machine is to cut the machine must be used in accordance with the use of this method is to do so to increase the life of the first step Oh, and this is the most critical first step. To be regular for the Cut off Machine "refueling", that is, some places need to let each place how long to add some oil, against the machine rust, because the rust is easy to make this machine is not so flexible There is a check that the electrical appliances are not safe, is not reliable, so that people can operate safely, which is the length of the machine will affect the length of a key.One of the other is often check the machine switch and other places to see is not there The most critical and the last step is to work every day when the machine to clean up the machine, some of the useless or impurity clean up.Only every step to do the standard, Then it is possible to let the Cut off Machine to increase life.

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