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What Kind Of Environment Does The Electric Tile Cut Off Machine Need To Work?

What kind of environment does the Electric Tile Cut off Machine need to work?
Electric Tile Cut off Machine in the national economic construction in various fields has played an important role. Round steel breakers play a very important role in the light industry, generally acting on large-scale water conservancy, bridges, tunnels and other industries, and in recent years has been gradually mechanical processing and small rolling mill and other widely used.
In the case of ensuring that the voltage of the Electric Tile Cut off Machine must be stable, it is best to choose a dry and dusty working environment. Because the mechanical failure is difficult to avoid, the machine due to the use of the process, for a variety of reasons, the machine failure will always follow
Especially in high temperature weather, Electric Tile Cut off Machine the impact on the machine is very large, electric porcelain parts of the parts of the wear and tear will be relatively high, the blade life will be reduced accordingly, even more than rated. Especially like cutting machines of this type of mechanical equipment, by the impact of high temperature weather will be greater. Coupled with the working environment of the cutting machine are generally in the outdoors, the outdoor work environment is also relatively poor, the impact of the cutting machine will be relatively greater. In this regard, the cutting machine in the design, it will give priority to the internal consideration will be more mechanical, in order to prevent the fault of the multiple, cutting machine in the design, the internal structure will be relatively separate but keep in touch, so even if a failure , Maintenance will be relatively easy. High temperature weather, the cutting machine is more prone to failure, the temperature is the biggest test of the cutting machine. If you find that the cutting machine fails, Electric Tile Cut off Machine or found that the machine is not working properly, there are abnormal sound or cutter skew, you need to immediately stop working, through safe operation, turn off the power, stop the mechanical operation, the mechanical place in a cool place , After the machine cooling in the maintenance.
 Electric Tile Cut off Machine business in the purchase of the time need to pay attention to what matters? Electric Tile Cut off Machine has many advantages, so the use of a wide range, it is a kind of cutting machine, and the production of Electric Tile Cut off Machine manufacturers countless, so when buying the product not only to test the quality of the product, but also Need to select the regular manufacturers.
Is the so-called shop around, this is not unreasonable, Electric Tile Cut off Machine before the purchase should always run, ask other people to buy the situation, select a few that the credibility of the manufacturers can visit the way after the door, or go to the market Look at their merchandise, it is best to do the record. Selling good is not necessarily good quality, we must choose their own products. And then contact the manufacturers to see the goods to see if it is consistent with the equipment on the market. Here to note that those who "hit a gun for a place" of the manufacturers, these manufacturers are not large scale, we must see the process of careful, careful, think twice, to buy the favorite products. Good quality products, play a role in the work is still very large, on the one hand the quality of the product to meet the requirements, the production efficiency has been greatly improved; the other hand, Electric Tile Cut off Machine the security of the operators have great protection, engineering is important, Security or in the first place.
What are the problems with the use of Electric Tile Cut off Machine?
1, then feeding the work surface and the lower part of the cutter to maintain the level, the length of the table can be determined according to the length of processing materials.
2, before starting, you must check the cutter should be no crack, knife bolt tight, protective cover, and then check the gear meshing gap, adjust the cutter clearance.
3, start after the first air running, check the rotation part of the normal operation and bearing before operation.
4, the machine does not reach the normal speed when not cut, cut off the middle of the knife must be used, grip the bar quickly into the knife-edge.
5, shall not cut the diameter and strength of the mechanical nameplate than the provisions of the steel and red steel bars. When cutting multiple bars at one time, the total cross-sectional area should be within the specified range.
6, cut off the short material, close to the blade and the blade of the distance should be kept more than 150 mm, such as hand-held less than 400 mm, the application of casing or fixture will be shortened or clamped steel bar.

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