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What Are The Types Of Diamond Inserts

 Diamond Blades What are the types of diamond inserts? Diamond inserts are now widely used in industry, diamond blades are very popular, it is because the diamond blade with high hardness, good cutting effect, heat conduction speed, durable long time and so on. Let's take a look at the classification of diamond blades!

  Diamond inserts are made of diamonds but he is not pure diamonds, and we all know it is industrial diamonds. The advantages of diamonds I do not say a lot of people know that this is the blade production of raw materials.

  A chamfering knife

  Diamond Blades Chamfering blades are generally used to process mobile phones or MP5 or iPhone edge of the Ai Pade edge chamfering, this kind of blade as long as the chamfer edge to ensure smoothness on the line.

  That is, the edge of the edge of the blade.

  2. Milling cutter

  Milling cutter is generally used to manufacture mobile phone protective cover used to process more difficult parts, its size is very high, the bottom must repair the face as the processing of the benchmark, and processing eccentricity requirements to use In the knife when the use of correction.

  Which is used to process the groove of the tool.

  3. Drum knife

  Diamond Blades Drum type knife in our view processing requirements are not very high, but for the processing of our processing is still very complex. Because it is a circular blade we used to process the phone keypad design. We had a lot of attempts before we succeeded in modeling this blade. Now that this has become our mainstream product, we can see that success is not easy.

  Drum knife is mainly used to process the phone key groove.

  4. ball knife

  The ball knife in the mobile phone shell processing is also often used, we mainly used to process the iPhone's cell phone key groove, this blade is the biggest problem is the blade interference, so the difference between the angle after the two and two is important, we and Not the angle difference is bigger and better, according to the processing requirements we have different designs.

  The knife is also used to process the phone key groove.

  5. Turning

  It is not worthwhile to use diamonds for diamonds, because it is too expensive, but it is very good to use.

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