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What Are The Safety Requirements When Operating A Steel Cutting Machine

Cut off Machine What are the safety requirements for operating steel cutting machines?

  (1) before starting, should check and confirm the cutter without cracks, tool holder bolts fast, protective cover firmly. Then turn the pulley by hand, check the gear meshing gap, adjust the cutter clearance.

  (2) machinery does not reach the normal speed, not cut material. Cutting materials, should be used in the middle and lower parts of the cutter, grip the bar at the edge of the rapid investment, the operator should stand on the fixed side of the blade to suppress the steel, should prevent the end of the ball pop. It is strictly prohibited to use both hands on both sides of the blade holding the steel bent body feeding.

  (3) shall not cut the diameter and strength of the mechanical nameplate than the provisions of the steel and red steel bars. When cutting a plurality of bars at one time, the total cross-sectional area shall be within the specified range.

  (4) cut off the short material, the distance between the hand and the cutter should be kept at 150mm or more, such as hand-held less than 400mm, the casing or fixture should be used to shorten the steel bar or clamp.

  (5) hydraulic transmission type cutting machine before operation, should check and confirm the hydraulic oil level and the motor rotation direction to meet the requirements. After the start, should be no-load operation, release the oil valve, drain the hydraulic cylinder of the air, can be cut bars.

  Cut off Machine Safety Operation Procedure of Steel Cutting Machine

  First, the cutting machine should be surrounded by enough steel piling up the site.

  Second, the rotating parts should have a protective cover.

  Third, to check whether the blade crack, blade screw is fastening.

  Four, are not allowed to use both hands to hold the two ends of the steel cut, only by hand holding the side of the side of the reinforcement.

  5, work with both hands to hold the steel, aimed at the knife-edge, to be on the blade down when the pressure hand, immediately forced to suppress the bar, to prevent the tail tilt wounding.

  6, prohibit the cut diameter of more than the provisions of the mechanical reinforcement and red bars of steel, multiple steel bars at the same time cut off, must be converted steel section, timely adjustment of the blade to prevent accidents.

  7, cut off the low-alloy steel, should change the high hardness of the blade.

  8, cut off the short material, the length of one hand can not be less than 40cm, close to the blade and the blade of the distance, should be kept at 15cm or more.

  Nine, cut off a long steel, there should be someone to help steel, help people and operators action consistent, and listen to the command shall not be any drag.

  10, Cut off Machine the mechanical operation is strictly prohibited by hand to clean up the debris near the knife-edge, the scene prohibits the leisure stay.

  11, found that the blade skew anomalies, should immediately power off maintenance.

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