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What Are The Common Sense About Power Trowel?

What are the common sense about Power Trowel?
 1, CVD diamond coating and amorphous diamond coating difference
Amorphous diamond (also known as diamond-like carbon) is a carbon film deposited using a PVD process. It has a part of the diamond SP3 key; its film hardness is high, but lower than the hardness of diamond film; its thickness is also more than we usually deposited thinner diamond film. Processing graphite, the life of amorphous Power Trowel is coated coated carbide cutting tool 2-3 times. In contrast, CVD diamond is the use of CVD process deposition of pure diamond coating, processing of graphite when the tool life is 12-20 times the carbide cutting tool, which can reduce the number of tool changes, improve processing reliability and accuracy consistency
2, can not use Power Trowel processing hardened steel
Diamond consists of carbon atoms. When some materials are heated, they draw carbon atoms from the diamond and form carbides in the workpiece. Iron is one of these materials. With the Power Trowel processing iron family material, the heat generated by friction will make the carbon atoms in the diamond diffuse into the iron, resulting in diamond coating due to chemical wear and failure in advance.
3, re-grinding and / or re-coating of the Power Trowel quality is difficult to guarantee, because the surface of the tool surface coating is pure diamond, so the diamond grinding wheel on the tool to re-grinding takes a long time. In addition, in order to make the diamond used to grow the tool, the preparation process will change the chemical characteristics of the tool surface, because the coating requirements of the chemical properties of the very precise control, so the effect of re-coating tool is difficult to be guaranteed.
4, Power Trowel life is different
As with any other tool, the life of the Power Trowel varies, depending on the material being machined, the feedrate selected and the cutting speed, and the geometry of the workpiece. In general, the life of an electric trottle for processing graphite is 10-20 times that of uncoated carbide cutting tools, and in some cases even longer. In this way, you can use a tool to complete almost any processing tasks, without the need for tool wear and tool change, to avoid the processing of interruption and re-calibration, which may achieve unattended processing. In the processing of composite materials, it is also possible to obtain a longer tool life. It is reported that in the processing of high-density glass fiber, carbon fiber and C10-FR4 and other difficult to process composite materials, Power Trowel life of up to 70 times the uncoated carbide cutting tools.
5, the diamond coating can prevent the peeling off the coating is a serious problem, it is also a common problem (especially in the processing of carbon fiber and other materials), will lead to tool life is difficult to predict. In the late 1990s, the interfacial chemical properties were identified as important factors influencing the adhesion of diamond coatings. By selecting the compatible chemical properties of the cemented carbide, it is possible to reduce or eliminate the peeling of the diamond coating by using appropriate pretreatment techniques and reasonable deposition reaction conditions, and to achieve a balanced wear pattern stably. Under the microscope to observe the normal wear and tear of the Power Trowel, it can be found that the diamond is stably worn up to the cemented carbide base without the occurrence of chipping or peeling.

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