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The Structure Advantage Of Cut Off Machine Is Introduced

The structure advantage of Cut off Machine is introduced

Cut off Machine to keep up with The Times, it has been replaced by a new generation of equipment, not only light weight, less energy consumption, but also very efficient work. Therefore, in recent years, it has been gradually adopted by mechanical processing and small rolling mills, which have played an important role in various fields of national economic construction.

The traditional idea is that the Cut off Machine is a machine that can cut and process the material by pressing the force of the motion of the machine. Some changes have taken place in modern Cut off Machine, who began to high voltage v, ultrasound and other advanced technology used in leather cutting technology, but now society is widely used and mechanical transmission. Of course, part of the automation of the Cut off Machine is usually equipped with computer program control.

The structure advantage of Cut off Machine is introduced

1. The driving system USES the world's top products -- Japan imported panasonic servo motor and driving technology to make the whole machine run smoothly, Cut off Machine the speed range is wide and the acceleration time is short;

2. Simple and easy to use automatic programming system, making numerical control programming no longer complicated and easy;

3. The CNC control system adopts the self-developed CNC Cut off Machine control system JX2008PC, with the input and output control of PLC.

Beam: adopt square pipe welding structure, have the characteristic of rigid, high precision, light weight and small inertia. The vibration aging of all welding parts was applied to stress treatment, which effectively prevented structural deformation.

5. Longitudinal driving frame (end rack) : the two ends are equipped with horizontal guide wheel, which can adjust the compaction degree of the eccentric wheel on the bottom of the driving frame to keep the whole machine stable in the movement;

6. Vertical and horizontal drive: all precision gear rack (level 7 precision) transmission. Horizontal guide adopt Taiwan imported linear guide rail, vertical guide rail is made from precision machining quality rails, ensure the smooth operation of the Cut off Machine, high precision, and durable, clean and beautiful. The reduction of the planetary gear reducer imported from Germany can perfectly guarantee the accuracy and balance of motion.

What problems might arise during the use of the Cut off Machine?

1. Maintain the level of the handling table and the lower part of the cutting knife. The length of the workbench can be determined according to the length of the processing material.

2. Before starting, you must check that the Cut off Machine knife should be free of cracks, the holder bolts shall be fastened, the protective cover shall be secure, then the gear mesh clearance shall be checked and the clearance of the cutting knife shall be adjusted.

3. The operation should be operated after the operation of the rotating parts and bearings is checked.

When the machine is not up to normal speed, it must not be cut, Cut off Machine the lower part of the cutting knife must be used, and the steel bar is put into the blade quickly.

5. The steel and red reinforcing bars shall not be cut in diameter and in strength beyond the mechanical nameplate. The total cross sectional area should be within the specified range when cutting multiple reinforcement at one time.

When cutting short, the distance between the hand and blade that is near the blade should be more than 150 mm, Cut off Machine and if the hand grip is less than 400mm, the steel can be clamped or caught in the casing or fixture.

7. In operation, it is strictly forbidden to remove the short head and sundries directly from the vicinity, Cut off Machine and the operators of the steel bars around and around the edge of the knife are not allowed to stay.

The failure or maintenance must be stopped and the power supply will be cut off. After the homework, use the steel bar to remove the debris, disconnect the power, lock the door.

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