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The Structural Characteristics Of The Steel Mesh Forming Machine Of The Electric Tile Cut Off Machine

The structural characteristics of the steel mesh forming machine of the Electric Tile Cut off Machine
Electric Tile Cut off Machine is a wide range of applications of cutting machine, to the human progress has brought tremendous contributions, as follows is the Electric Tile Cut off Machine of the steel mesh forming machine structural features introduced:
(1) plate round steel supply part of a number of longitudinal reinforcement and a horizontal tendon rotating frame frame composition.
(2) the cross-section processing part of a straightening straight by the straightening machine or straightening of its steel bar, cut into a fixed length of the tendons, a storage silo, by the feed cylinder according to the standard procedures will be sent to the electrode head The
(3) The welding structure consists of a plurality of cylinders (or cylinders) which are vertically placed in the beams. Each cylinder (oil) cylinder has a small cross-section which can be micro-conductive, and a plurality of upper electrodes are mounted on the upper beam, The electrode tip is powered by a welding transformer.
(4) the translation of the net to send the bar part of the gas (oil) cylinder to drag the two towers, the front drag plate with a horizontal dragging the net hook, the trailer mounted in a row of friction chuck and a row of tendons Device, the two rows of devices mainly talk about the longitudinal length of the longitudinal length of a step by step.
(5) magnetic positioning device in the mesh forming machine under the head of the nose with a DC electromagnet, waiting to attract a cross bar feeding system given the beam, when the two DC electromagnet at the same time sucking the tendons, the issue of a reinforced signal, You can drive the machine head gas (oil) cylinder solenoid valve action, the welding process.
(6) the steel cutting part of the two by the vertical installation of the cylinder piston rod in series, through the lever to drag a frame with a blade, when the welding system welded continuous network after a certain length of distance, that is, by the frame to complete the cut off Steel reinforcement process.
(7) Mesh bearing mechanism The bracket is a steel mesh which is being welded. When the cutting work is completed, the angle brackets at both ends of the cradle are moved by 90 °, Of the steel net fall.
(8) mesh car under the cradle in the cable car, specifically accepted by the bracket down the mesh. When filled with a certain amount, pull out the transport stack.
Electric Tile Cut off Machine is a kind of cutting machine, the operator in the use of steel straightening cutting machine in the process, if not follow the instructions to standardize the operation, there may be some problems, or improper operation, or machine performance is not good , Then often encounter some problems, how to solve the problem after the problem.
Electric Tile Cut off Machine manufacturers Tips in the use of Electric Tile Cut off Machine problems in the solution
1, then feeding the work surface and the lower part of the cutter to maintain the level, the length of the table can be determined according to the length of processing materials.
2, before starting, you must check the cutter should be no crack, knife bolt tight, protective cover, and then check the gear meshing gap, adjust the cutter clearance.
3, start after the first air running, check the rotation part of the normal operation and bearing before operation.
4, the machine does not reach the normal speed when not cut, cut off the middle of the knife must be used, grip the bar quickly into the knife-edge.
5, shall not cut the diameter and strength of the mechanical nameplate than the provisions of the steel and red steel bars. When cutting multiple bars at one time, the total cross-sectional area should be within the specified range.
6, cut off the short material, close to the blade and the blade of the distance should be kept more than 150 mm, such as the hand end is less than 400 mm, the application of casing or fixture will be shortened or clamped steel bar.

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