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The Domestic Power Trowel Expands New Market With New Technology

The domestic Power Trowel expands new market with new technology

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Power Trowel industry actively introduce technology to promote their own strength, China's rapid development, the integration of foreign exchange, T knife in electric industry, is developing rapidly in recent years, but in contrast to foreign companies or in poor level. Professionals believe that the technology is very important for the rapid development of the Power Trowel industry. Power Trowel industry is special, it belongs to the high technology content industry, the enterprise must actively introduce relevant technology, enhance its own strength.

Power Trowel industry, belonging to the advanced equipment manufacturing industry, enhanced the advanced manufacturing in the service. Electric T knives are widely used in aerospace, high-speed railway construction, shipbuilding, automobiles, and other advanced equipment manufacturing and construction roads, decoration, wood processing, metal processing and other production areas.

The global Power Trowel industry can be divided into three levels: technical level, professional level and family level according to the technical requirements of products and application fields. Among them, industrial Power Trowel products, mainly used for machining accuracy demanding workplace or working environment protection, such as space, has the high technical requirements, higher profits, the characteristics of the small market range; Diy household level electric T cutter is mainly used for accuracy is not high, continuous running time is not long, such as a family to decorate, simple decoration and so on, has low technical content, the characteristics of low profit. China's largest Power Trowel production enterprise produces household level Power Trowel products, and the price of product sales as the main means of competition is all in a low, unordered competitive state.

Professional Power Trowel in the technical content, application scope, the value of products or products of the gross margin, well above the homemade products. Professional electric power T knife itself, high speed, motor service life is long, can continue to repeat work for a long time, high technical content, high profit, wide market, industry high threshold, high brand value, etc.

The Power Trowel market in China has been a constant for German Bosch, Japanese cattle ranching, Japan Hitachi, and the U.S. Luo Ming pointed out that the trend of recent years, the domestic market share of foreign brands to decline channels, li watch Power Trowel rise, continuously expand market occupation, replace the import brand. In the domestic market share of the top 4, Richard is one of the most young stars, but it is one of the fastest growing, our factory has certain production from seven years, and has become the first four of the market, in recent years in the history of Germany Bosch, Japan trend of animal farm.

General domestic Power Trowel industry, the production of diy household level electric products accounted for the vast majority of T the knife, form the product series of professional products factory is extremely rare, industry concentration degree is low, lack of leading enterprises. From the development trend, the domestic brand experience industry shuffle, finally formed some leading enterprises and the standard, orderly situation; Between domestic and foreign brands, will also redistribute market share, domestic brands continuously replace foreign brands. The needs of the internal consolidation industry will be celebrated in the leadership of the enterprise.

Predictably, Richard is only one main tool for listed company, have the opportunity to also have the ability to stand on the stage of capital market, promote China's Power Trowel restructuring of industry resources and mode reform. Consolidate the occupied market, further cultivate and explore new market, from hui suggested in the future to focus on the following aspects: improve product quality and accelerate the development of new products. Special emphasis on accelerating the development of battery electric t-knife, electronic control Power Trowel, continuous improvement of power tools and product quality.

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