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The Benefits Of Increasing The Pressure Of The Electric Tile Cut Off Machine

The benefits of increasing the pressure of the Electric Tile Cut off Machine
After years of development, waterjet cutting technology has made rapid progress, Electric Tile Cut off Machine also because it becomes a reliable cutting tool, is widely used in a variety of processing links. In fact, the Electric Tile Cut off Machine constantly changing in addition to its reliability and pressure.
Because the higher the pressure generated by the electric porcelain cutting technology, the lower the operating cost of the abrasive material in the water jet stream, the cutting equipment can be cut at a higher speed than the 60000 psi pressure unit, While the abrasive material used can be reduced accordingly, since higher material speeds can improve the ability of metal cutting.
Many people choose Electric Tile Cut off Machine, on the one hand is to improve the cutting effect, there is also on the one hand in order to save time and materials, so only the use of higher pressure to achieve this goal. In addition to saving time and materials, the use of higher pressures reduces the amount of water and electricity used compared to a typical 600,000 psi water cutting equipment.
However, the higher the pressure of the pump, the higher the stress required by the internal components, and the way to solve these powerful new system problems is to enhance the maintenance of these system pipelines, fasteners, seals and other internal components And maintenance.
So the technology used in these Electric Tile Cut off Machines will be the common technology used in all kinds of machinery. Pipes with longer service life and quick connect interface will become the standard, which will help to extend the maintenance interval of water cutting equipment.
 The Electric Tile Cut off Machine is a high-capacity machine, which is obviously superior to other cutting technology. At the same time, the water cutting equipment is also complete without causing harmful gases or liquids, but also includes the surface of the workpiece Heat, so the water knife cut should be Karma is the real multi-functional, high efficiency cold cutting processing.
    But the characteristics of Electric Tile Cut off Machine by its numerical control operation software, must accurately operate the Electric Tile Cut off Machine control software, in order to ensure the cutting quality, cutting efficiency and cutting costs are consistent with the above characteristics. The next thing to tell is that the Electric Tile Cut off Machine software some of the conventional features.
     When the operation of the Electric Tile Cut off Machine software, if the selected single, it is necessary to start from the simulation or from any segment simulation, each press the keyboard, simulation NC code in a line; if the curve, then the whole curve of a simulation; Selected, the simulation is continuous simulation mode.
     If you want to display the program, the simulation process will display each section of the processing code, but the code will make the simulation slow down. X-axis mirror represents the NC code to X-axis as a benchmark image, is also the NC code Y value from the original positive value of the negative value, the original negative value of the positive value. The Y-axis mirror is also true.
    There is also a DXF automatic sorting in the Electric Tile Cut off Machine control software. If this option is selected, the control software will automatically concatenate the graphics in the DXF file. That is, from the first paragraph, automatically followed by the next section to find it.
     As a closed graphics often have a feed line and a knife line, in order to facilitate the automatic series need to save the feed line, and then click on the first line in the closed graphics, and then select the closed graphics in all other lines, select Out of the thread.
 As the Electric Tile Cut off Machine CNC system part of the CMOS memory in the memory content in the power, mainly by battery-powered to maintain, it must regularly check and replace the equipment memory battery, so as not to come in handy. Generally here are lithium batteries or rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries, when the battery voltage drops to a certain value will cause the parameters are lost, so check the main content is the battery voltage.
    If the contents of the Electric Tile Cut off Machine CNC system to the battery voltage dropped to a limited value, or the battery voltage alarm, it is necessary to replace the battery as soon as possible. Replace the battery in the CNC system power state, so as not to cause the storage of data loss. Once the parameter is lost, the parameter can be entered again after the new battery has been replaced.

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