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The Advantages Of Electric Brick And Stone Cut Off Machine Cutting Thin Material

The advantages of Electric Brick and Stone Cut off Machine cutting thin material

The characteristic of Electric Brick and Stone Cut off Machine is that the cutting speed is fast, the cutting seam is narrow, the incision is flat, the thermal influence area is small, the workpiece is low in deformation, the operation is simple, and has a remarkable energy saving effect. It is suitable for all kinds of gas cutting, but the cutting effect of thick workpiece is not ideal, and the cutting of thin material is the best.

Electric Brick and Stone Cut off Machine in hot cutting processing way of steel and other metal material processing method, with its high speed characteristics of high efficiency low cost has been for many enterprises users concern, Electric Brick and Stone Cut off Machine in the machining industry, no matter from the perspective on the cutting quality and cutting efficiency is superior to the CNC flame cutting, it can cooperate with different gas cutting various metal, especially for non-ferrous metal sheet cutting effect is better. But Electric Brick and Stone Cut off Machine as a heat - processing equipment, during the cutting process will inevitably occur thermal deformation. The research shows that different cutting techniques can be used to improve the deformation.

Through to the Electric Brick and Stone Cut off Machine for cutting the workpiece deformation law and the analysis of the influence scope, proper plate leveling process before cutting, plate fixed reasonably, prevent the machined part in the process of cutting movement; When preparing the cutting program, select a reasonable cutting process, so that the maximum dimension of the workpiece is separated from the motherboard. When cutting thin pieces or different parts, using two pairs of matched cutting and other control methods, it is effective to prevent and reduce the heat distortion of the cutting piece.

The equipment has been widely used in various industries, such as all kinds of machinery, metal structure manufacturing, installation and maintenance, as a medium and thin plate cutting, opening, dig, bevel cutting cutting processing. Many Electric Brick and Stone Cut off Machines are equipped with numerical control system because of the use of Electric Brick and Stone Cut off Machines. Because metal cutting is affected by cutting requirements, metal characteristics and other factors, it is necessary to buy and buy Electric Brick and Stone Cut off Machines.

Mechanical parts in mechanical processing of each drawings have a deburring technology requirements, deburring process, often cannot compile process technology personnel files, usually adopt file, cloth wheel, emery cloth, abrasive belt and so on ways to remove burrs. With the progress of science and technology and the development of production, artificial deburring already can not adapt to the modern market competition the quality of the products and the mode of production requirements, Electric Brick and Stone Cut off Machine finishing processing technology gradually replaced the traditional burring process, and becomes more and more important for people, there are some advanced enterprise of mechanical parts finishing and finishing have been technical personnel into the content of the drawing specification, and formed the standard process.

Electric Brick and Stone Cut off Machine processing, from the process, just belong to raw material steps, for most of the mechanical processing, the flatness, smoothness of cutting piece is can meet the requirements of secondary processing, of course, for some of the sheet metal processing, such as finishing, the precision of the numerical control cutting, there are some gaps with Electric Brick and Stone Cut off Machine application technology in recent years, with the rapid development of the material surface cutting finish also had obvious enhancement, Texas, nc will be below is the main problem to communicate with the customers.

The Electric Brick and Stone Cut off Machine processing technology has been widely used in auto parts finishing, into the exhaust pipe, inlet valve, pressure cavity, injectors, nozzles, cylinder head, cylinder and blade, spline, gears, brakes, etc. Such as: rough in the cylinder head casting special 2 location of abrasive flow production line, production per hour can reach 30, roughness from Ra4 microns or Ra5 microns to Ra0.4 mu m, can make a 7% reduction in emissions, engine power increased by 6%, a 5% increase in mileage.

Recently, the development of micro-hole abrasive grain flow technology of Electric Brick and Stone Cut off Machine is unique in the process of oil spraying nozzle. According to the relationship between extrusion pressure, abrasive temperature and viscosity, it carries out complex program operation. During processing, the processing automatically stops when the nozzle's set flow arrives. The processing time is around 10 seconds, and the flow divergence can be controlled at plus or minus 1%. There are also flow tester and high pressure cleaning equipment. These devices may provide a single or multi-station position based on the user's needs. It can also be a complete system of mechanical hand, including processing, measuring and cleaning.

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