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Rescue Saw The Direction Of Development

Rescue Saw the direction of development
Global woodworking machinery Rescue Saw is to improve the utilization of wood, improve the efficiency of wood processing, improve production efficiency and automation, energy saving, environmental protection, safety and pollution-free direction, the furniture industry with the level of market demand for woodworking machinery standardization, professional Production, improve product quality, develop new varieties, improve labor productivity, save resources and other requirements are getting higher and higher.
China's economic development, with the international market increasingly close cooperation, but also to promote the development of advanced science and technology innovation and development, woodworking machinery Rescue Saw development to adhere to go out to absorb foreign advanced technology, the use of information technology to transform traditional industries, So as to optimize the upgrade; scientific research as the guide, strengthen the basic theoretical research, promote woodworking machinery manufacturing scientific and technological progress, product upgrading, the development of independent intellectual property rights of new products; to seriously study the national conditions, based on domestic, self- The
Because of these reasons, China's Rescue Saw independent research products are not favored by the market, new products are not competitive, manufacturers will not increase research and development efforts, which will form a vicious circle. Therefore, if you want to remove the technical copy of the label, it is necessary to increase awareness of intellectual property rights, strengthen market supervision, improve the existing status of personnel training model, not only focus on academic and employment, but also to look at the international, Talent, so that it can quickly absorb more advanced technology for China's Rescue Saw industry to contribute to the development.
Woodworking Machinery Rescue Saw Specialized production is an effective way to reduce production investment, improve product quality grade, technical level and production efficiency, and strive to achieve product specialization is an important means to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, Rescue Saw a wide range of products Professionalization is imperative, professional production is conducive to professional division of labor, which focus on all aspects of the advantages of the market economy in high-efficiency, high-quality production of woodworking machinery products; is conducive to creating a good market environment, to avoid vicious competition; The personality.
Rescue Saw Blade is an important part of the multi-chip saw, the condition of the saw blade directly affects the effect of the multi-chip saw, so in order to make the Rescue Saw to play a better effect, the maintenance of the saw blade must understand Here's how we look at how to keep the saw blade.
Rescue Saw saw blade does not become sharp, it should be timely dressing, but can not change the original angle of the saw blade, so as not to damage the dynamic balance.
If you need to amend the diameter or positioning hole, to be amended by the manufacturers themselves may cause the use of Rescue Saw blade effect is reduced, there may be dangerous, in principle, can not exceed the original hole diameter of 2 cm, otherwise it will affect the stress The balance.
If the Rescue Saw blade for a long time do not use, should pay attention to moisture-proof dust and rust, you can hang it up, if you need to put on top of the above can not stack other things.
Rescue Saw is the most commonly used wood open material machinery, its advantage is that the wood can be cut into a number of wood, simple operation, sawing wood efficiency. But whether it is easy to use the machine, the failure is inevitable, to find out the reasons for the failure, with the right way to solve, in order to ensure that the machine can play a normal cutting efficiency. Here we look at the Rescue Saw some common faults and troubleshooting methods.
1, the operation of the noise is too large, generally due to saw the sleeping installation is not correct or bearing damage, there may be parts of the resulting loosening, so the noise is relatively large, we need to check the Rescue Saw blade is properly installed, the spindle The bearing is not damaged, the machine is stable, there is no loosening of the screw, etc., through these areas, you can solve the problem of excessive noise.
2, feeding is not smooth reasons are feeding circuit, variable speed chain, belt and other devices, when there is poor feed, the need to check the feeding circuit is a problem, the transmission mechanism is normal link, the chain with or without disconnect, Whether the belt is too long to adjust the degree of tension and so on. Find out the cause of the fault, use the correct way to solve, so that the machine to maintain normal use.

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