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Precautions For Use Of Tape Cutting Machine

The tape cutter follows the instructions, and the tape cutter precisely positions the tape. Tape cutting machine If you put the tape, the tape is not folded up front, tape cutting machine adhesive tape may be stuck in the exit.

• Adhesive tape cutter is suitable for adhesive paper type cellophane, manual adhesive paper, adhesive tape, pp paper, double-sided tape with interlayer (not more than 0.5mm adhesive tape), filament paper, aluminum paper and black paper.

• The tape cutter can not cut out the set length precisely because the type of the adhesive tape is different (some adhesive paper is rich in the resistant material). In this case, it should be appropriate

Of the length of the conditioning setting. If the adhesive tape adheres to the insert, remove the cutout and apply a silice.

• The tape cutter will cause paper jams if the tape machine is left in the set condition for a long time. In this case, press the DOWN button to cut a small amount of adhesive tape, and then turn on the active transport switch.

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