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Power Trowel Working Environment Requirements

Power Trowel working environment requirements
Power Trowel for round steel and other materials cut off, the use is also more extensive, the operator has a certain safety requirements and precautions, and in order to ensure safe operation and machine life, its working environment There are a few things to note:
The necessary voltage is stable;
The best choice for dry and dusty working environment;
In high temperature weather, the impact on the machine is very large, the Power Trowel parts of the wear and tear will be relatively high, the blade life will be reduced accordingly, even more than rated. Especially like cutting machines of this type of mechanical equipment, by the impact of high temperature weather will be greater. Coupled with the working environment of the cutting machine are generally in the outdoors, the outdoor work environment is also relatively poor, the impact of the cutting machine will be relatively greater. In this regard, the cutting machine in the design, it will give priority to the internal consideration will be more mechanical, in order to prevent the fault of the multiple, cutting machine in the design, the internal structure will be relatively separate but keep in touch, so even if a failure , Maintenance will be relatively easy. High temperature weather, the cutting machine is more prone to failure, Power Trowel the temperature is the biggest test of the cutting machine. If you find that the cutting machine fails, or found that the machine is not working properly, there are abnormal sound or cutter skew, you need to immediately stop working, through safe operation, turn off the power, stop the mechanical operation, the mechanical place in a cool place , After the machine cooling in the maintenance.
Power Trowel workers in the use of steel straightening cut off the process, there may be some problems, or improper operation, or machine performance is not good, then often encounter some problems, how to solve the problem after the problem The
    1, steel bars have a big bend solution
    The reason why the electric wire is processed by the Power Trowel will be a big bend, which is due to the Power Trowel straight wheel is too loose to make the steel force caused by too small, the fault solution is appropriate to adjust the straightening wheel.
    2, steel bars appear small bending solution
    The reason why the steel will be a small bend bending, which is due to straightening straightening machine straightening wheel is too tight so that the steel force caused by excessive, the solution is the appropriate solution to adjust the straight turn.
    3, steel bars appear twist the solution
    The reason why the reinforced steel will be twisted, which is due to the following two aspects:
    ① If the Power Trowel appears straightening wheel force uneven, easy to make the steel bars have been twisted, the solution is to adjust the straightening of the steel can be tuned;
    ② If it is because the straightening wheel is too loose and lead to the emergence of steel bars twist, the customer just need to tighten the appropriate straightening wheel can be.
    4, Power Trowel steel bars have a serious twist of the solution
    ① the straightening wheel angle is too small caused by the twist, Power Trowel the user can adjust the straightening machine according to the instructions of the straightening wheel to adjust the angle to the specified position can be;
    ② straightening wheel caused by tightening the twist, the user can be appropriate to adjust the straight turn;
    ③ The straightening wheel does not turn or the bearing damage caused by the steel wire twist, the customer can not turn the straightening wheel for maintenance, such as adding lubricants, check the bearings, etc., if the bearing damage, should be replaced immediately.

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