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Power Trowel Plating Treatment

Power Trowel plating treatment
 The use of high-speed steel or die steel, they have some advantages in wear resistance, but in the food industry if the use of this Power Trowel, apparently their corrosion resistance is not meet the requirements of the . Food often contain some water, salt, vinegar, alkali and other substances, organic food will produce organic acids under the action of the air, the Power Trowel corrosion, while the stainless steel blade although there is a good resistance Corrosive, but its hardness is clearly not suitable for food production needs, so you need to have these Power Trowel plating treatment. You can use the plating process galvanized, chrome and titanium. These treatments can be in the blade surface The formation of protective layer, isolated corrosive substances on the blade corrosion at the same time the three processes have their own advantages and disadvantages.For example, galvanized in the three kinds of rust on the best results, the lowest cost, but its color is not very good to see , While the hardness of zinc is relatively low. Precision seamless steel pipe factory manufacturers to tell you that the manufacturers, in the food industry, the use of chrome-plated Power Trowel up.
 When many consumers consult with us or buy electric T-knife, our staff found that these consumers know little about the electric T-knife, and even there are some mistakes in the electric T-knife has led to the wrong choice.If the consumer In order to reduce the risk, choose a more suitable Power Trowel, our staff suggested that consumers first fully understand the Power Trowel.We can understand the network through the Power Trowel More prices, the use of a variety of products, performance, etc. Some of the knowledge, of course, we can also have experienced friends or professional help, there are a lot of consumers specifically to buy some information to understand. Machine manufacturer's staff that a lot of ways to understand the Power Trowel, is also more convenient, so why not fully understand the understanding of the Power Trowel on the basis of the purchase? Consumers can also consult with us, our work Personnel will answer questions for everyone.
 Today's electrical equipment is very rich, the quality of these products and the use of performance than the previous machine, suggesting a level, so the processing of objects in the quality have reached the corresponding standards, then we buy these objects Time, it is necessary according to the material of the product, so as to determine the Power Trowel model, after all, this part is the core of the machine, so a lot of material in the blade after grinding, and thus finished, so the staff must maintain a good blade Of the flexibility, regularly add the right amount of grease in the above, while paying attention to the amount of uniform, should not be applied too much, if leading to the operation of the tool bearing, slippery phenomenon, then the cooler in the processing of materials, Out of the case, if the impact of the staff is also very troublesome, so we need to deploy a good amount of grease, especially in the purchase of the product, must consider these factors, buy the most reasonable grease.

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