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Label Stripping Machine Works

When the label is removed, the label is not detected, control traction motor rotation, until the next label is stripped to a predetermined position after the stop, so the cycle; the same time, the label is removed,

* Operation: workers take the label -> the next label automatically peeled to a predetermined location (equipment automatically).

Technical Parameters

◆ Applicable label length (mm): 6mm ~ 120mm

◆ Applicable label width (backing paper width / mm): 130mm

◆ Applicable standard outside diameter (mm): φ240mm

◆ Applicable standard roll diameter (mm): φ76mm

◆ The standard speed (m / min): 5.5 ~ 12m / min

◆ Voltage (V): 220V

◆ Equipment dimensions (mm): 430 × 340 × 340

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