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Introduction Of Speed Pre - Processing At Corner Of Electric Tile Cut Off Machine

Electric Tile Cut off Machine In the use of ion arc to complete the steel plate and other materials, cutting, the cutting surface of the existence of more or less there is a certain angle of tilt. CNC Tile Cut off Machine on the speed adjustment, cutting height and other requirements are high, easy to leave cutting slag, slag in the unburned metal content than the flame cutting to more, relatively difficult to remove a little. For the flame cutting, because the cutting speed is slow and slow, so the effect of cutting at each corner of the little effect, and for plasma arc cutting, followed by cutting the greater the speed of each corner of the cutting quality is worse, especially thin plate cutting More significant, so for the CNC system to put forward a higher demand, that is, before cutting the speed of the pre-processing at the corner, according to the intersection of the corner line and the system parameters "centrifugal acceleration" and the current set of cutting speed to calculate the corner Should be reduced to the speed, so as to maintain the cutting speed. Because of the characteristics of the thermal cutting itself, the control accuracy of the numerical control system is very low, because the flame cutting is still the plasma arc cutting for cutting the width of the slot is not guaranteed consistent. This is why the user is still investing in the cost of choosing Electric Tile Cut off Machine, the corner of its parts is still the main reason. In the actual processing, different handling technology and accessories configuration will cause different angles of the slope, the following accommodate different circumstances of the Electric Tile Cut off Machine machine plane slope parameters to be compared. Like driving, in different sizes of the bend, take a different speed, and most of the system at home no speed at the speed of pre-processing function, so users can easily change the speed of the corner to determine the system is good or bad. Many enterprise users are based on the above considerations, in the choice of cutting methods tend to use Electric Tile Cut off Machine cutting, but in use, Electric Tile Cut off Machine in the cutting parts of the performance of the angle of the department is often less than the flame Cutting performance.
At present, the hardware platform of the Electric Tile Cut off Machine is based on PC (PC-BASED). It is popular to install a motion control card (similar to a video card) in our home computer, and then install a set of special The cutting control software to form a so-called cutting dedicated CNC system. For example, when the use of Electric Tile Cut off Machine cutting aluminum, titanium and other soft texture of the metal, the roughness of the poor, cut surface is not the whole, and in the cutting carbon plate roughness is basically the same as the flame cutting with 25um, But the tilt angle is larger.
We know that cutting CNC system for cutting parts of the contour speed control and cutting process requirements is always a contradiction: the cutting process generally requires the contours of the cutting parts to be consistent, but at the same time in order to ensure smooth cutting machine tools and have to The corner of the slowdown, speed up the operation, which will bring in the corner of the cutting quality decline. However, because the cutting process also need to involve the cutting speed of this factor, although the numerical control system in the flame cutting performance are similar, for the Electric Tile Cut off Machine and other high-speed cutting method, the cutting quality is still significantly different.
Electric Tile Cut off Machine In general, the torch is placed vertically above the material for cutting, which is familiar to most users and that the Electric Tile Cut off Machine can only be used to achieve vertical , And is well known, in the field of Electric Tile Cut off Machine, the current mainstream of the two types of cutting methods used, Electric Tile Cut off Machine in cutting speed and cutting quality are relatively better than flame cutting, and because of Electric Tile Cut off Machine does not need to cut the gas as needed for flame cutting. In the case of large cutting amount, the relative cutting cost is also lower than flame cutting.

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