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Innovative Diamond Blades Design Reduces Manufacturing Costs

Innovative Diamond Blades design reduces manufacturing costs
   With the vigorous development of automobile manufacturing industry, how to ensure the quality of the car under the premise of improving manufacturing efficiency and effectively reduce manufacturing costs, has become the focus of growing concern. Studies have shown that the replacement of traditional diamond inserts with more advanced diamond cutting blades is seen as an effective way to achieve cost reduction and efficiency in automobile manufacturing.
       In the automotive parts processing process, the cost of hole processing and milling accounted for most of the entire parts of the processing costs. Hole processing costs remain high, first, because some of the hole processing more difficult, and second, the traditional hole processing cost control methods to be improved. The traditional hole processing cost control is achieved by repeating the grinding of Diamond Bladess. But there are three major problems in the grinding: First, the positioning in the grinding more difficult, easy to tip the shape of the tip; Second, repeated grinding will lead to drill bit diameter smaller; Third, each re-grinding will make the drill length shorter.
       In order to solve the hole processing problems, to achieve cost reduction efficiency, Zheng drilling developed a series of difficult for processing holes dedicated Diamond Blades. To valve seat and catheter hole processing, for example, valve seat and catheter hole machining accuracy directly affect the engine power and exhaust emissions indicators, Zheng drilling research and development of the taper hole processing Diamond Blades, spark plug hole processing Diamond Blades, Hole drill diamonds and other series of special hole processing Diamond Blades can easily achieve the valve seat ring, catheter hole pressure circle and pressure after the precision, effectively avoid the user's repeated regulation knife, wear deformation fast, low processing efficiency, At the same time can protect the valve and the seat with the gap to ensure that the valve heat and sealing performance. Which drill the rough hole diamond drill to achieve a carbide drill bit and PCD reamer perfect heat fit; cutting edge 3μm beating to ensure that the Diamond Blades has a longer life and higher processing accuracy; drilling hinge structural design, drilling At the same time to provide accurate reaming reaming; original chip technology to protect the reaming accuracy and consistent with the new knife, without reducing the quality of cutting while reducing the cost of Diamond Bladess. Tilting hole Finished Diamond Blades axial front angle design to reduce the axial force, so that cutting more light; not equal to the pitch structure can effectively avoid the mark, so that more stable cutting; Diamond Blades cooling design to ensure better chip removal The
       Diamond Bracelet for Crankshaft and Cam Shaft Hole Drill with Unique Guide Belt to Ensure Precision and Stability of Large Shaft Boring. Cutting Edge 3μm Beating Ensures Longer Life and Higher Diameter of Diamond Cutters Precision, adjustable flange connection structure, mainly used in crankshaft and camshaft hole high precision machining requirements occasions.
       Cylinder head and cylinder with a smooth, flat surface for the normal operation of the engine is very important. Automotive engine manufacturers have been committed to controllable, predictable surface accuracy levels, and higher productivity, while in the process of processing each part of the pursuit of Diamond Blades life maximization and minimum tooling costs. Zheng drilling combined with the needs of users developed for the cylinder head surface milling face milling cutter series, the use of innovative Diamond Blades design thinking, to meet the user processing quality requirements at the same time, greatly enhance the processing efficiency and reduce the cost of knife. The MFAC30 and MFAC31 series are suitable for processing non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and aluminum alloy, copper and copper alloy, as well as wood and plastic processing, and are suitable for rough finishing of high-efficiency face milling. Mixing, cutter can be reused, greatly reducing the user Diamond Blades procurement costs; round beating can be Up to 0.001mm, to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece is required; 2mm range of the knife to increase the number of grinding machine can be used; can use the wrench to adjust the position directly, very convenient.

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