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How Do I Use A Digital Rescue Saw?

How do I use a digital Rescue Saw?
As we all know, compared with other similar equipment, CNC Rescue Saw products have many advantages, such as the use of two-way propeller, and automatically return, adjust the thickness does not need to stop, very convenient. So, when using it, how to improve the efficiency of CNC Rescue Saws?
For this problem, we believe that, in addition to the performance of the machine itself, we should start from the details, and in daily use as much as possible to ensure its performance. As you know, the outer cover of the CNC Rescue Saw is made of stainless steel, so we should pay special attention not to use anything that is sharp or strong enough to touch the surface to avoid scratching when used everyday.
Second, if after a period of time, the need for CNC Rescue Saw products for cleaning time, the staff should also be under the fixed screw discharge, so as to avoid the first danger, remove the screws or damage the equipment. The third point should pay attention to good lubrication care, should be regularly checked its lubrication, adding lubricants, should ensure that adequate oil, but not excessive.
Finally, the staff should clean up all the remaining material in the CNC Rescue Saw immediately after the end of the day. And pay attention to check the blade wear, if there are problems, should be promptly repaired or replaced. In addition, it is best to clean up the work site, pay attention to cut off the total power.
In short, when we use NC Rescue Saw, not only need to follow the correct requirements of the operation, but also can provide safe and healthy working conditions and working environment, to ensure that the performance of NC Rescue Saw to play.
The coil of the Rescue Saw relay is represented by a rectangular frame in the circuit. If the relay in the Rescue Saw has two coils, the two rectangular frames are placed side by side. At the same time, in the rectangular box inside or rectangular box next to the mark, Rescue Saw the relay symbol "J" ", under normal circumstances, in the Rescue Saw, there are two relay labeling method: 1. is directly on behalf of The side of the rectangular box of the relay is drawn, and this method is more intuitive, 2 is based on the needs of the Rescue Saw circuit, the control of the various contacts, the circuit in the Rescue Saw to its contact, usually inside the same relay coil And the label has the same symbol and is displayed in the contact group number inside the Rescue Saw to show the difference.
Rescue Saw Relay rated operating voltage or Rescue Saw Relay rated current, which is the Rescue Saw relay when working with the Rescue Saw Relay Relay coil for the voltage and current required. The same function of the Rescue Saw relay structure is roughly the same. In order to meet the different requirements of voltage and circuit applications, a Rescue Saw relay, usually with a variety of rated operating voltage or a wide range of rated current, we usually rescue the relay in the specifications, Type of Rescue Saw electromagnetic relay distinction, this distinction is very important and very useful.
When the coil in the Rescue Saw is turned on, the core is magnetized, resulting in a sufficiently large electromagnetic force to suck the armature of the Rescue Saw to drive the reed movement, the movable joint and the static connector There will be a closed action or separation of the action; when the Rescue Saw the coil off the power supply, the coil of electromagnetic force will disappear, the rescue arm of the armature will return to the original starting position, Rescue Saw the dynamic contact And static contact, will once again reach the original closed state or separation state. When a new type of relay is used in the Rescue Saw, only the control is connected, the circuit is connected to the relay contact, that is, the switch, the relay in the Rescue Saw can be used to control the entire circuit.

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