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Factors Affecting The Sharpness Of The Cut Off Machine

Factors affecting the sharpness of the Cut off Machine
1. Cut off Machine installation, adjust the impact of the knife:
(1) Cut off Machine installation should pay attention to solid, to prevent vibration, the fasteners connected firmly, grinding wheel rotation should be smooth, to prevent jitter swing. Otherwise grinding not sharp blade, and the emergence of serrated edge and so on.
(2) grinding wheel should be perpendicular to the horizontal plane, otherwise the grinding will not sharp blade.
(3) the position of the grinding knife should be 6 mm from the disk surface, located in the middle of the disk radius, grinding tool holder position is not correct, easy to cause blade partial grinding. The length of the boom also affected, and shortened the grinding knife stroke, grinding sharp blade.
(4) For mechanical transmission type Cut off Machine, should make the triangle belt with the appropriate tension, and to ensure that the grinding wheel to reach the rated speed. Grinder speed low impact grinding effect.
2. Effect of abrasive components on sharpening:
(1) abrasive abrasive too much; blade edge blowing a thick layer of emery, easy to wear edge, the blade is not easy to sharpen.
(2) abrasive abrasive too little: the blade is not easy to wear sharp, blade grinding time is long, easy to annealing, deformation.
3. Knife when the operation method on the impact of grinding:
(1) the pressure is not uniform, so that the blade side grinding, the blade of the sharpness of the teeth inconsistent, swinging the blade, the pressure will cause the blade in the uneven.
(2) the pressure is too large; easily lead to blade annealing, deformation. Shorten blade life.
(3) the pressure is too small, the blade can not be smoothly fit on the grinding wheel, easy to produce partial grinding, teeth and the middle of the convex.
(4) swing speed is too fast; easy to scraping off the abrasive, easy to interrupt the knife teeth, easy to grasp the balance of the blade, resulting in uneven pressure prone to partial grinding and the middle raised.
(5) swing speed is too slow to speed up the blade wear, shorten the life of the blade, easy to cause blade annealing.
(6) sharpening a short stroke; grinding not sharp blade, and will make the middle of the disc surface deep depression, shortening the use of grinding wheel. So the knife should be as long as possible.
(7) in the paste cloth on the grinding knife blade grinding time is too long: blade easy to annealing, deformation.
The choice of Cut off Machine is basically in accordance with the shape of raw materials, style, length and yield to choose, because in the production and life for different raw materials, cutting requirements are different, people will be in accordance with their own work needs to choose, to the new aircraft fiber Cut off Machine In the case of rotary hob-type Cut off Machine, it uses automatic conveyor belt conveying material, the front end of the two-stage pressure roller pressing device, with a protective cover to prevent the material when the damage to the human body, the width of up to 400- 800mm, the feed thickness of 30-80mm, can cut between 5-300mm length of any regulation, the output per hour in the 300-1500kg or so, applicable to all kinds of waste cloth side material, the old clothing, cotton fiber, glass fiber, Linen, silk back, leather boxes, plastic film and other irregular, non-directional soft material cut, because the rotating knife with multiple pieces that reduce the blade wear and replacement costs, to ensure a large number of material shear reliability The

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