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Electric Tile Cutting Machine Which Are Cutting Methods

 Electric Tile Cut off Machine What are the cutting methods of electric tile cutting machine? Many customers often do not know how to choose the right cutting equipment when cutting aluminum. Here Deng's machinery for the majority of customers in detail about the tile cutting machine are what way, I hope to help you.

  1, home processing simple small parts, you can use manual small saws.

  2, if it is a lot of aluminum processing, it is necessary to use a special electric tile cutting machine, saw blade is a special aluminum alloy cutting film.

  3, large aluminum alloy plate cutting, usually using plasma cutting (underwater plasma cutting and fine plasma cutting), laser cutting, wire cutting and water knife plus abrasive cutting and other methods. In the past, aluminum alloy slabs generally use plasma cutting, plasma cutting auxiliary gas with air, oxygen, argon and nitrogen, etc. The disadvantage of plasma cutting is that the cutting surface accuracy is not high, often also need to secondary processing such as grinding or machining, Increased processing and cost, and later with the advent of laser cutting machine, basically overcome this problem. Laser cutting machine cutting aluminum alloy plate speed is high, cut out the surface quality is also very good, but the laser cutting machine cutting machine cutting aluminum alloy plate, for the equipment loss is great, and the equipment cost is higher, for the thickness of more than 10mm Of the aluminum alloy plate, laser cutting machine can not be completed.

  4, Electric Tile Cut off Machine more than 10mm thick aluminum alloy cutting, people have invented the water cutting and wire cutting equipment. But there are very obvious shortcomings, and now there are electric tile cutting machine with alloy saw blade, high efficiency, cost-effective.

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