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Cutting Metal Applications Of Cut Off Machine

Light metal processing As Cut off Machine equipment into the field of thermal cutting field, its functional advantages can be summarized as follows: one is fast; the second is high precision; the third is low cost. Of course, here we summarize the three advantages is Cut off Machine now has the overall advantages of the advantages of all these, for the domestic market, plasma cutting applications to lay a solid foundation. From the industry point of view, Cut off Machine for light metal materials processing advantages can be concentrated in the advertising, sheet metal, dust and other industries, the following we will be processing needs of these industries combined with the characteristics of plasma processing integrated analysis of its application Advantage.
Cut off Machine used in the advertising industry has become a more common phenomenon, the current market advertising Cut off Machine types are more, how users quickly and effectively choose their own type of equipment. At present, Cut off Machine application has spread widely to the advertising industry, such as iron production and billboards and so on. But seemingly simple things, in the course of operation if not be careful, there will be errors, need to pay attention to the following three points to make the perfect work.
1. Stable for the advertising industry customers operating programming software is essential. Advertising industry because of its complex processing, corners, perforation, cutting speed, for the stability of the system and the professionalism of the parameters of a higher demand. So the advertising industry customers in the purchase of machines on the operation of this piece of software to seriously consider. Now a lot of advertising cut off Machine production in order to compress the cost, the use of pirated systems, publicity and genuine system is no different, it is irresponsible. Pirated system of electronic components are often not formal, the parameters of the function is not complete, the surface can also meet the basic requirements of cutting, but once the problem is often not guaranteed customers. Plasma because of its high-frequency interference, the system's anti-jamming capability is also strict requirements, and piracy system's anti-jamming capability is unqualified. Some manufacturers to seize the customer like Cut off Machine cheap heart, do low-cost publicity, equipment sold very cheap, that is to take the volume, small profits but quick turnover. In fact, only the cost of generating compression, and can not be compressed costs. Take the system price, the genuine price is generally several times or even ten times the price of piracy, for the use of genuine system manufacturers, the price will certainly be lower, but its profit is still the same.
2. Advertisers generally pay attention to the price of the product, many customers in the purchase Cut off Machine when the price is the first factor affecting its decision. That in fact, everything is the same thing, things are relatively simple, the cheaper the better. In fact, this kind of psychological buy equipment is wrong. Many manufacturers is to seize the customer to do this low-cost psychological publicity, price war to sell low-cost equipment, publicity is large-scale production, low cost, so cheap. Cost compression is the enterprise has been pursuing, but can not sacrifice the quality of the product at the expense of the same area, the same market environment, the cost is much lower doubt. Labor costs are difficult to compress, plant costs are difficult to compress, especially in its promotion of large-scale production, then the compression can only be raw material costs, parts costs and processing costs. Specific performance in the Cut off Machine machine is the basic part of the weak, with the smallest models of cheap raw materials. Performance in the control system is part of the use of cheap pirated products, only the pursuit can not consider the stability. Performance in the electronic circuit control is to save the province, or even contrary to the basic circuit control common sense, and even a small contactor should be saved! As long as you can power on the line. This is extremely irresponsible!
3. Plasma power supply selection problem. Plasma power is the core of the work, the machine is a platform, the two are equally important. There is a lot of plasma power products on the market. Advertisers because of its main cutting sheet, the power cut capacity requirements are not high, but the Cut off Machine power supply arc strength and stability requirements are higher. Because of its complex graphics, perforation point, the power will be frequent starting arc. Some of the power supply in order to pursue arc stability, high frequency without considering the interference of Cut off Machine, resulting in Cut off Machine crash can not work. A good plasma power supply must be a balanced power supply in all respects, and will not sacrifice another for pursuing an item. Some customers will ask us, with imported power how? We believe that there is no need, domestic high-quality power supply can meet the requirements.

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