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Cut Off Machine Numerical Control System Maintenance Of The Key Content

Cut off Machine numerical control system maintenance of the key content
     CNC Cut off Machine can be said to be a high-precision, high efficiency equipment for such equipment must extend the life of components and parts of the wear cycle in order to improve the system's trouble-free working hours and equipment life. But how should this be done?
    As the Cut off Machine CNC system part of the CMOS memory in the memory content in the power, mainly by battery-powered to maintain, it must regularly check and replace the equipment memory battery, so as not to come in handy. Generally here are lithium batteries or rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries, when the battery voltage drops to a certain value will cause the parameters are lost, so check the main content is the battery voltage.
    If the contents of the CNC system of the Cut off Machine are reduced to the limit value by the battery voltage or the battery voltage alarm occurs, replace the battery as soon as possible. Replace the battery in the CNC system power state, so as not to cause the storage of data loss. Once the parameter is lost, the parameter can be entered again after the new battery has been replaced.
    In addition to maintenance, but also should be as much as possible to reduce the Cut off Machine CNC system, the number of electrical doors of the switch to prevent dust into the CNC device. Because the air in the workshop floating dust and metal powder in the printed circuit board and electrical connectors, likely to cause the insulation resistance between components decreased, resulting in failure, and even damage the components.
    Some of the spindle control system is placed in a strong cabinet, the strong power off the door will lead to damage to the electrical components, spindle control failure, it must ensure the tightness of the strong doors to prevent the external dust into the cabinet inside, thus affecting The normal operation of the system.
As a result of the Cut off Machine with the pressure in the high pressure with the powerful impact, in order to be processed items for high-pressure waterjet cutting, and there are obvious ease of operation, low cost and other advantages. Even more unusual is that the Cut off Machine in the cutting process has a high stability, the cutting process of metal materials to play a highly efficient use of the characteristics.
    Professional staff suggested that the use of Cut off Machine for half a year will have to be replaced, because the long-term high-pressure cutting water knife will be damaged, to a certain extent will reduce the Cut off Machine cutting capacity, so the maintenance process requires regular replacement, in order to facilitate Improve work efficiency.
    Cut off Machine in use also pay attention to check the oil system, see if it has the advantage of high circulation performance, to prevent the high-pressure cutting in the clogged. The Cut off Machine is to be carried out regularly to the design of mechanical parts to replace the oil necessary to maintain good lubricity.
    Cut the machine to be installed in accordance with the installation instructions to prevent the emergence of mechanical loosening phenomenon, to avoid equipment damage occurs. Cut off Machine in the processing technology through the superb technology can be any metal and ceramic products processing process, which has become in the course of the use of a high safety performance and energy conservation advantages.
    As long as the use of the correct way, Cut off Machine will be able to process any desired geometry, and whether it is modeling or drilling, Cut off Machine can be handy, the key is to get the quality of cutting is also very good, fully able to meet high standards.
 Since the Cut off Machine naturally appeared in the cutting industry has been a good reputation, it is because people with the Cut off Machine after in-depth understanding, to explore its more advantages. For example, the Cut off Machine jet grouting technology has been developed; the structure to achieve the integration and maintenance technology simplification and so on.
    So far, the Cut off Machine jet grouting technology has developed into a variety of different processes, early in the time it is single pipe grouting, that is, only a grouting pipe for the injection of mud slurry of this medium, and need Edge rotation edge lift.
    But with the improvement of Cut off Machine and technological progress, its technology is not only the role of jet, grouting pipe device on the mechanical mixing blade is also involved in the crushing, mixing and other processes, greatly expanding the scope of equipment and technology applications.

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