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Computer Cutting Machine By The Knife And Knife Form

The computer cutting machine is composed of a cutter and a knife holder, and the knife holder is mounted on a base. The innovation point is that a symmetrical vertical mounting plate is fixed on the base, and vertical guide plate is arranged between the mounting plates The tool holder is driven horizontally by a cam mechanism driven by a first stepping motor to vertically rise and fall, and a horizontal cut is fixed under the cutter. And a feed roller driven by the second stepping motor is arranged on the surface of the cutting platform, and the first stepping motor and the second stepping motor are connected with the controller mounted on the base through the control wire. The invention has the advantages of compact structure, small space occupied by the whole machine, reasonable design, and the tool post and the feed roller are driven by the controller by the stepping motor. The whole machine has high automation, high processing efficiency, high precision and simple operation. A kind of automatic cutting machine with high innovation.

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