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China's Power Trowel In The Future Situation Is Optimistic

China's Power Trowel in the future situation is optimistic
        In recent years, with the furniture market fiery, Power Trowel also followed the fire up. As a result of the gradual increase in human costs and increased competition, efficient, high-precision, environmentally friendly Power Trowel is favored. CNC wood processing machinery compared with the traditional machinery, in the production efficiency, timber utilization, production process optimization, safety and other aspects of a higher level, more enterprises to improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, improve product competitiveness The request. China twelve Five plans to clearly set the direction of the development of industrial robots and related parts, the industry from labor-intensive upgrade to automation, CNC, energy-saving emission reduction for the future development trend, Five policies to further promote the development of CNC Power Trowel.
        Over the past 20 years, China's rapid development of Power Trowel, has been dependent on imports to independent production type, whether it is production or product technology are close to the world's advanced level, for the attention of countries around the world. In 2006, China's Power Trowel total output value of 18 billion yuan, Power Trowel exports totaled 1.18 billion US dollars, compared with 2005 increased by 15.9%; Power Trowel total output value and total exports ranked third in the world, only In Germany and Italy. At present, China has more than 1,000 Power Trowel production enterprises, with an annual output value of 20 billion yuan. As China's Power Trowel products in the production or price advantage, China has now become a major producer of Power Trowel. China's furniture industry experienced more than 20 years of development and the third transformation and upgrading of the wave, the urgent need for Power Trowel automation market and platform to promote and achieve Power Trowel automation. The same time as
Power Trowel usher in the automation era
Automation is a national level of industrialization embodies, China's furniture industry, wood products processing industry, wood-based panel industry automation depends on the Power Trowel industry. The significance of the automation of electric tools With the rising cost of enterprises, enterprises to improve labor productivity is an effective way to improve the degree of automation equipment. One way to improve business efficiency is to reduce the number of workers, and this trend will continue for a long time. Therefore, the use of CNC automated Power Trowel has great practical significance.
China in addition to imports of wood-based panel production line, the other woodworking industry in the traditional general equipment single-piece small batch production mode stage, simply not on the automated processing. The automation of wood production will greatly improve the status and competitiveness of the timber industry in the international arena. It is of great strategic significance. China's Power Trowel will usher in a new era of automation.
Export momentum fierce
In addition, China's Power Trowel export momentum is very fierce, the main market to the third world countries, Southeast Asia and South Asia-based, some quality is better or even exported to the Americas, the European market. However, with the furniture market competition intensified, in order to meet the individual needs of people, machinery import countries on the equipment efficient, high precision requirements are also growing. At this point, CNC machinery has a more prominent advantage than traditional equipment. In developed countries, computer numerical control technology has been widely used in Power Trowel, so China's Power Trowel to NC, has become an inevitable market-oriented and trend.
Power Trowel in the processing of high efficiency so that it can be sought after at home and abroad, and with the progress of the times Power Trowel gradually gradually realized automation. This is more satisfying the strong demand of the market. In the wood processing industry in China a variety of Power Trowel all kinds of band saw are necessary machinery, so as long as the furniture industry is still the advantage of Power Trowel still will not be eliminated.
Power Trowel is considered to be the world's most advanced wood sheet processing machinery, no one, it has a feed fast and smooth, high efficiency, low supplies, safe and reliable price, low grid, etc., Power Trowel as the equipment model efficiency Every day a device can be 10-50 square wood, is the ordinary band saw processing 4-10 times, while the saw blade hidden in the machine, the security has been greatly improved. The image of the industry called Power Trowel for the slot machine, because the processing of the mouth as if the mouth of the tiger.

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