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Automatic Label Separation Machine For Packaging Machinery Industry

At present, China's packaging industry there are still a lot of unreasonable, whether large-scale industrial packaging or small food packaging, packaging materials are too much use of ordinary plastic, the proportion is relatively large, While the functional development of the packaging is small. Small packaging equipment is not perfect, the relative lack of domestic small-scale packaging equipment, labeling machinery is the lack of industry, the vast majority of domestic enterprises are automatic label separation machine imported from South Korea, not only to fill the gaps in the domestic label industry, But also improve the level of domestic machinery and equipment packaging automation industry.

From the product structure point of view, China's packaging industry, simple, original products, deep processing and finishing products less common plastic packaging products accounted for a larger proportion of functional packaging product development is not enough; heavy plastic packaging products, light plastic packaging materials , Heavy equipment, light technology, heavy light research and development; product replacement is slow, resulting in unreasonable structure of plastic packaging products, can not fully adapt to changes in market demand. In the enterprise structure, the overall size of small plastic packaging enterprises, industrial concentration is low. From the regional structure point of view, the western region of the packaging industry is relatively backward, while the eastern part of Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangdong, Fujian plastic packaging industry is well developed.

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