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Analysis Of Electric Brick And Stone Cut Off Machine Low Speed Processing

In general, the efficiency and speed of machining with Electric Brick and Stone Cut off Machine are significantly higher than those of other thermo-cutting methods, but for the plasma cutting process itself, for different shapes of cutting graphics in the previous relevant compilation process There is a need for proper twisting and decoupling, especially in the arc cutting stage. Keep the electric Brick and Stone Cut off Machine in the low speed state to ensure that the cutting track is smooth and not deformed. In the thermal cutting mode, the plasma cutting speed is significantly higher than the flame cutting, which also makes the plasma cutting method for more businesses and users favorite, but compared to the flame cutting years of experience and mature technology, plasma Electric Brick and Stone Cut off Machine is also slightly unfamiliar to most users, especially on the speed of plasma cutting.
Generally speaking, Electric Brick and Stone Cut off Machine at the factory, the consumer manufacturers will only provide a speed range, detailed for different materials, different thickness of the data to be cut, the user in the choice of cutting speed is also a comprehensive multi-faceted elements:
1. Electric Brick and Stone Cut off Machine models, this model is generally plasma Electric Brick and Stone Cut off Machine Output current size, such as 40A, 60A, 100A, 200A, etc. (Of course, some imported plasma such as Germany, Matt and other brands of local models is not the output current size for the model, here is not elaborate), depending on the size of the power of different models, select the cutting current size is different, cutting speed is not the same, you give Out of the data did not clarify what brand you choose and the type of plasma Electric Brick and Stone Cut off Machine, it can not give detailed data;
2. Cutting the workpiece material is different, depending on the cutting material, cutting speed is also different, common cutting information: carbon steel, stainless steel cutting faster, slightly slower cast iron, followed by aluminum, the slowest is copper, Aluminum is difficult to cut, the cutting speed is much slower than the previous two, and the same power plasma cutting copper and aluminum cutting thickness than stainless steel, carbon steel is much smaller.
In the current domestic market widely used in the Electric Brick and Stone Cut off Machine power generator configuration, the arc welding power supply with the specified thickness of the material cutting and welding processing capacity. As two completely opposite performance of the metal processing process, Electric Brick and Stone Cut off Machine power cutting and arc welding process in the relevant process also has a certain difference. Wherein the plasma cutting is a state in which the gas is heated to a localized ion, so that the plasma has conductivity in this state. The initial ionization of the gas is usually carried out using high-voltage generators, such as the use of argon, the ionization process is easier, because the argon is a single atom structure; and plasma arc welding is a series of heat using the compression arc Process. Plasma arc welding process to water-cooled copper alloy nozzle to form a compressed arc; and plasma cutting is the use of gas or water cooling form. In addition, plasma welding is also attached with a gas protection part.
Electric Brick and Stone Cut off Machine
1. Conventional plasma arc welding The plasma jet generated by the conventional "dry arc compression" method can be used to weld the workpiece with or without wire solder. The welding speed is determined by the arc power and the material thickness.
2. Electric welding and arc welding are similar to the traditional tungsten gas welding process is the use of both plasma jet as a heat source to melt the need to weld the material, depending on the interface requirements and Decided to use or not use wire solder for beads. Micro-beam plasma welding is a plasma arc melting process. This process can be in very high speed and do not use the wire solder in the case of welding meager to a few tenths of a millimeter of the material. With low current (less than 2 amps) for the advantages of plasma arc welding, arc stability, ignition is very reliable. Plasma arc welding method is also suitable for thicker sheet for multiple action welding. The process uses metal wire as solder. The welding speed of plasma arc welding is much higher than that of traditional tungsten gas protection welding.

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