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Troubleshooting Methods of Shearing Machine

1. Ask the operator of the equipment to know the operation status of the shearing machine hydraulic system equipment. Including: the shears hydraulic system work is normal; hydraulic pump with or without abnormal phenomenon; hydraulic oil detection cleanliness of the time and results; filter cleaning and replacement of the situation; before the failure of the hydraulic components are adjusted; whether to replace the seal Components; before and after the failure of the hydraulic system shearing plate which appeared abnormal phenomenon; in the past, the system appeared what fault is how to exclude, etc., to be one by one to understand.

2. To see the actual situation of the hydraulic system of shearing machine, observe the system pressure, speed, oil, leakage, vibration, etc. whether there are problems.

3. Listen to the sound of shearing machine hydraulic system, such as: the impact of sound; pump noise and abnormal sound; determine whether the hydraulic system is working properly.

4. Touch the temperature rise, vibration, crawling and the junction of the tightness of the hydraulic system to determine the cutting plate machine moving parts working condition is normal.

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