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Shearing machine equipment installation, demolition and migration to pay attention to what

Shearing machine equipment installation and removal should be in strict accordance with its factory manual and the preparation of special installation, removal program.

Machinery and equipment in the migration, should be identified on the route of the bridge, the upper culvert clearance and roads, bridges carrying capacity. Through the bridge, should be used low-speed slow-moving, the bridge can not turn or brake. Load capacity of the bridge is not enough, must be developed before the reinforcement measures.

Machinery and equipment must be installed in the formation of a solid site, the case of soft ground must be tamped with, and padded base wood and wood. Rigs, rigs and platforms must be reliably connected.

Machinery and equipment must be installed solid, Zhou Zheng level. Rotary center of rotary drilling machine, impact (punching) Drilling machine Drill crane Crane slot vertical edge should align the position of the hole, the deviation shall not exceed the design allowable value (10 ~ 15mm).

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