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Machine tool industry should be fully prepared to meet the new energy era to accelerate the arrival

From China's energy structure, China is a typical rich in coal, oil, less gas countries, the development of large-scale renewable energy has broad prospects. At present, the proportion of thermal power close to 80%, the power structure is very unreasonable. The future, giving priority to the development of hydropower, nuclear power, wind power, solar power, biomass power generation and other renewable energy and new energy is imperative.

New energy development is the focus of national policy support and attention, China's 4 trillion economic stimulus plan, nearly 4 percent for the development of clean energy. Only in 2009 the national budget for renewable energy arrangements to reach 100 billion yuan, more than 6 billion yuan in 2008 or so. "New Energy Revitalization Plan," the draft first draft shows that by 2020 the total installed capacity of wind power will be increased to about 150 million kW; solar photovoltaic development goals for the total installed capacity of 20 million kW; nuclear power installed capacity of about 80 million kW.

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