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Hydraulic shears are hydraulic shears

Mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission is very common in the field of mechanical equipment of the two types of transmission, cutting plate machine also has a mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission, hydraulic transmission shearing machine is a hydraulic shearing machine. Many of the mechanical transmission is gradually being replaced by hydraulic transmission, such as mechanical shearing machine has been replaced by hydraulic shearing machine, but the hydraulic transmission in many areas is the mechanical transmission can not be replaced.

In the hydraulic shearing machine, hydraulic transmission can achieve low-speed large-tonnage of movement, the use of appropriate throttling technology can make the movement speed is very stable and uniform, the use of speed, profile, servo and other components can make moving parts To achieve high precision, hydraulic transmission between the various parts of the pipe connection is connected, so the layout has considerable flexibility, while its volume-to-mass ratio smaller than the mechanical transmission, it can form some relatively complex cutting plate machine system. In addition to its transmission speed and direction can also be easily controlled, so the hydraulic shearing machine can be said that a new heights.

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