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Hydraulic pump noise causes high oil temperature

① oil machine with the intake of slightly better degree.

② the high-pressure gear pump inlet position and intake reasons. As shown in the gear pump, easy to access the location of the figure in the c, h, etc., mostly screw is not tightened, the two joint surface processing is not good, flatness and surface roughness does not meet the requirements of the interface between the Sealing i leaked or damaged and other causes, can be identified to be excluded.

 (3) The hydraulic press is used to cause the friction between the moving surfaces of gear, pump cover, floating axle sleeve, side plate and other parts due to the use of dirty oil or dirt into the pump. Should be replaced by the liquid, to strengthen the filter. Oil change before the first open the pump, with the training of the movement surface, damaged or worn can not be repaired to be replaced, the assembly before cleaning.

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