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Harm of hydraulic clamping of hydraulic press and its treatment

Due to burrs and dirt into the hydraulic components sliding gap with the gap, resulting in card valve phenomenon, usually called mechanical clamping. The liquid flow through the valve core body (valve sleeve) between the gap, the role of the radial force on the spool to stuck, called the hydraulic clamping. Hydraulic components that generate hydraulic clamping may cause the following hazards:

① slight hydraulic clamping, so that the hydraulic components within the moving parts (such as spool, blades, plungers, pistons, etc.) movement of the friction increases, resulting in slow movement, or even action disorder phenomenon; ② serious (Such as the valve can not be changed, the plunger pump plunger can not exercise and oil and pressure to achieve the phenomenon of oil, etc.), the hydraulic pressure on the moving parts of the head of the complete jamming, can not exercise, The operating force of the handle is increased.

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