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China's machine tool to be changed development mode

China's machine tool to the healthy and sustainable development, it is necessary to change the mode of development, improve manufacturing level. This is in line with the CPC Central Committee on our "second Five-Year" period to change the mode of development requirements, that is, from the number of low-value, high-consumption manufacturing, to heavy, high value-added, green Of the manufacturing sector.

China's metal cutting tool consumption in general, roughly the continuation of the growth trend in 2010, has increased in the total. It is estimated that China's 2011 tool consumption of about 39 billion yuan, an increase of about 13% in 2010; which consumed about 27 billion yuan of domestic knives, compared with 2010 growth is still less than 4%; consumption of imported cutting tools About 12 billion yuan, an increase of about 25% over 2010.

However, if we from the consumption structure analysis, we will find China's domestic consumption structure of the tool there are many problems.

In the world of industry, the proportion of tool consumption is probably: high-speed steel cutting tools accounted for 35%, diamond and cubic boron nitride boron cutting tools accounted for 10%, while welding carbide cutting tools, solid carbide and indexable carbide Accounted for the rest.

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