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Bending Machine Product Innovation and Design: Innovation - driven Development

For CNC machining manufacturers, this mathematical logic is very simple: spend less time cutting more parts, it is equal to earn more profits. This is why "If you want to reduce costs and increase profitability, GibbsCAM is your best choice." Geng Haibin manager opened Cimatron software performance aside, will focus their attention on how to better and better To serve customers, how to make more profit on customers.

In the multitasking machine, the accuracy of machining is easier to be guaranteed and the chain of production process is greatly shortened because the part is only clamped in the whole process. GibbsCAM offers a dedicated module for multitasking of the coiling machine, which is designed to be programmed for multitasking. It offers unparalleled programming power and retains its easy-to-use tradition.

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